Bespoke additions for your specific applications

Our top modules, including conveyor, forklift and pick-to-light attachments, are enabling businesses to enhance their AMRs with additional functionalities. For example, our pick-to-light top can be equipped with light-directed picking modules and shelves to transport multiple totes or shipping cartons. Additionally, our conveyor top allows efficient and adaptable payload transfer from conveyor-to-conveyor or vehicle-to-vehicle loads. If we don’t already have a suitable attachment in our portfolio, we will work with you to design a solution bespoke to your needs. The possibilities are endless!

Reduce time operatives spend driving/walking

Reduce pick/place errors

Optimise throughput with intelligent task ordering/route selection

Focus operatives on value-add work

Adapt to fluctuating demand/season peaks

No need to change your working environment

Our Autonomous Mobile Robot Tops & Modules

Conveyor, roller top for attachment to an AMR

Conveyor Top

Capable of loading boxes, totes, or similar onto other AMRs or to/from conveyor systems.

Forklift Top on Otto 100 material handling AMR

Tote Lifter Top

Lift and transport lightweight totes.

Robotic Arm Module

Human-collaborative robot (Cobot)

Staging Cart

Independent cart for material transportation

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Trial

If you’re an SME that could benefit from the addition of Mobile Robots within your facility, we would love to advise on how this could be implemented and what productivity gains could potentially be made.

Nothing is better than actually having a vehicle in your facility to replicate the solution and show how such vehicles could operate in your environment with your people.

We can demonstrate a solution and potentially leave it with you to see some of the benefits for yourself. Let us help you unlock the potential of automation.

Why choose Guidance Automation?

Working in partnership with our customers, we don’t just sell a robot.

We interpret our customers’ needs to provide a customised solution that works for them.

  • Implementation support
  • Ongoing optimisation
  • Tailored training
  • Service and maintenance

Case Studies


Guidance Automation Partners with World-Leading Tug Manufacturer, MasterMover.


Capacity’s leadership team chose to partner with light-directed picking solution provider Lightning Pick for a semi-automated order fulfillment system.


Guidance Automation partners with Yantra to implement advanced “Natural Feature” navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robots

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