Guidance Automation Solutions for your Warehouse Automation

At Guidance Automation we can deliver a warehouse automation solution that meets your specific needs. Our range of AMR’s can provide an increase in throughput and productivity, allowing humans to deliver value-add roles. We are able to produce tops specific to your needs, providing a tailored solution for your organisation.

Warehouse Automation improves….


  • Implementing automation into your warehousing facilities can reduce opportunities for accidents, as manual handling tasks are taken on by autonomous mobile robots.
  • With AMRs supporting zone-picking strategies and transporting goods around the warehouse, automation can support social distancing policies and keep your team healthy.


  • Automation systems in warehouses utilise advanced technology such as sensors and robotics to perform tasks with high accuracy, minimising errors in picking, packing, and inventory management.
  • Automated processes ensure consistency in operations by adhering to predefined standards and sequences, reducing variability and enhancing overall quality control measures within the warehouse environment.


  • By optimising storage retrieval and picking and packing processes, warehouse automation can improve productivity by up to 300%
  • Automation optimises workflows by efficiently handling repetitive tasks such as sorting, picking, and packing, thereby increasing overall warehouse productivity and throughput.


  • Automated systems are easy to amend and update, enabling process design changes that could improve your operations. This can help your warehousing business react to seasonal demand changes quickly and effectively. In rapidly changing circumstances, automation means your business can maintain operational continuity more effectively, avoiding gaps in income and helping your business stay resilient.

Why choose Guidance Automation for Warehouse Automation?

Adding our solutions can rejuvenate existing processes, seamlessly integrating to optimise your warehouse.

  • Expert integration – We seamlessly integrate our automation solutions with your existing systems, minimising disruptions to your operations
  • Autonomous Mobile Robots to suit all applications – we are happy to discuss your requirements and design custom tops to suit your needs
  • Light-directed material handling systems direct warehouse workers to specific items, locations, or tasks, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in picking, packing, and inventory management processes.

Case Studies


Guidance Automation Partners with World-Leading Tug Manufacturer, MasterMover.


Capacity’s leadership team chose to partner with light-directed picking solution provider Lightning Pick for a semi-automated order fulfillment system.


Guidance Automation partners with Yantra to implement advanced “Natural Feature” navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Trial

If you’re an SME that could benefit from the addition of Mobile Robots within your facility, we would love to advise on how this could be implemented and what productivity gains could potentially be made.

Nothing is better than actually having a vehicle in your facility to replicate the solution and show how such vehicles could operate in your environment with your people.

We can demonstrate a solution and potentially leave it with you to see some of the benefits for yourself. Let us help you unlock the potential of automation.