Automation Technologies

Guidance Automation is the trusted provider of automation solutions for small to medium businesses, providing expertise and support to unlock their automation potential.

Our knowledge and expertise have been developed over 30 years and our technologies are helping warehouse, distribution, fulfilment/ecommerce, manufacturing and healthcare facilities work smarter.

Our experts developed the most accurate industrial laser positioning system in the world and  have been involved in PhD level research.

This valuable experience has enabled us to produce Industry 4.0 solutions which continue to aid our customers achieve their automation goals.

We are proud to have enabled our past clients to automate robotic vehicles, fork lift trucks, floor cleaning equipment and all types of mobile moving systems.

Now with a focus on unlocking automation potential for SME’s, we continue to use our expertise to provide a customised solution that works for them.

Using our experience, credibility and expertise we deliver tailored automation solutions including Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Light-directed Material Handling technologies.

We understand small to medium size businesses’ automation needs and our future lies in making automation accessible to all. We provide implementation support, ensure ongoing optimisation, allowing for future upgrades and modifications, and provide ongoing servicing and maintenance. We also offer training to support the development of staff, which can be tailored to suit our customers’ requirements and aspirations.

Automation is no longer just for big business – any material handling company can, with our support, seamlessly create a hybrid workforce that truly is fit for the future.

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Trial

If you’re an SME that could benefit from the addition of Mobile Robots within your facility, we would love to advise on how this could be implemented and what productivity gains could potentially be made.

Nothing is better than actually having a vehicle in your facility to replicate the solution and show how such vehicles could operate in your environment with your people.

We can demonstrate a solution and potentially leave it with you to see some of the benefits for yourself. Let us help you unlock the potential of automation.