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Autonomous Mobile Robot Technologies

An award-winning pioneer in guidance, navigation and control technologies, Guidance Automation has over 30 years’ experience in developing advanced solutions for the global robotic vehicle market and has thousands of systems in service.

Our aim is to consistently meet our clients’ needs by offering automated guided vehicle technologies which serve the market need and improve operational performance and efficiency.

Since our inception, back in the last century, our PhD optics and robotics engineers have developed enabling technologies (the brains) to realize autonomous vehicle movement:


In the ongoing pursuit of optimal vehicle automation, we have commissioned and collaborated on PhD level research with many leading academic institutions and third-party suppliers. This valuable experience has enabled us to produce Industry 4.0 solutions which continue to aid end users, logistic solution providers and logistic vehicle makers in achieving their automation goals.

We are proud to have enabled our past clients to automate robotic vehicles, fork lift trucks, floor cleaning equipment and all types of mobile moving systems. These solutions have been applied in a broad range of autonomous transport applications such as airports, warehousing, healthcare, production, bottling plants, printing, retail, marine and more.

Now with a focus of unlocking the automation potential for SME’s, we continue to use our expertise to improve material handling and manufacturing operations. Our guiding objectives remain those of our clients and partners:

Now part of Matthews Automation Solutions, our state-of-the-art guidance, navigation and control technologies are driving our own intelligent robotic vehicles.

Our future lies in unlocking automation potential for all, making it easy to access for everyone. Automation is no longer just for big business – any manufacturing or logistics company can, with our support and expertise, seamlessly create a hybrid workforce that truly is fit for the future.

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