Guidance Automation partners with Yantra to implement advanced “Natural Feature” navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Case Study: Yantra LLP

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Location: Maharashtra, India
Industry: Automotive
Application: Mobile Robotic Systems
Guidance Automation Solution: SCENE, Natural Feature navigation

Yantra Mobile Robotic Systems

The Challenge

Yantra is a leading manufacturer and supplier of
material handling equipment in India offering high
quality automated guided vehicle (AGV) solutions.
Prior to 2019, it solely used to work on path-guidance
technology, where the robot or AGV would navigate
according to the tape that was laid in the warehouse.
Yantra noticed a change in market demands as ‘natural
navigation’ became a buzzword, and found that
their clients were increasingly requesting adaptable
vehicle navigation capability that didn’t depend on
traditional line, wire, or surface mark following where
the environment was already feature rich.

The Solution

In August 2018, Yantra and Guidance Automation
both attended an automation exposition in Mumbai,
where the Yantra team saw Guidance Automation
demonstrate their laser-based ‘natural feature’
navigation system, ‘SCENE,’ which is capable of
navigating by reference to existing features within the
working environment.
This means that no navigation marks are needed.
Advanced 2D and 3D laser contour scanning and
mapping algorithms are combined to generate a
navigation map, which is then used to determine
vehicle position during their operation.

Following the exposition, Yantra decided to accelerate their autonomous
mobile robot development by partnering with Guidance Automation,
transitioning away from the traditional tape-based technology to
implement natural navigation.
Dr Paul Rivers, CEO at Guidance Automation, commented on the
partnership: “Our aim is simple – we develop advanced robotic vehicle
guidance, navigation and control technologies to help accelerate
autonomous mobile robot development. We enable our clients to keep
pace with increasingly demanding market needs, and this is exactly what
Yantra was looking to do.
Despite time zone constraints, Rohit Dashrathi, Yantra’s CEO,
emphasises that the support they received was excellent – and was the
key differentiating factor of choosing Guidance Automation over their
competitors. “We were able to be supported remotely, and Guidance
Automation could take control of our robots, help us navigate and conduct
the troubleshooting. “

The Implementation

The installation took place in 2019 and took just over a month.
One of the most important factors for Yantra was the facilitation of simpler
automation. There isn’t a need to ‘rip and replace’ facilities in order to
embed automation technologies into existing processes, and Rohit
wanted to ensure that the navigation technology was user-friendly and
easy to comprehend. He explains, “After some initial training, Guidance
Automation’s technology was straightforward to deploy, and we had no
concerns, which added immense value to us as far as implementation at a
customer-level is concerned.”
“Many times in the industry, we have observed that once a solution is sold,
you are often left on your own, especially for international transactions
because distance and time zones play a great role. But Guidance
Automation was extremely helpful and available to support us, even if it
was over Whatsapp” Rohit continues.
With a majority of companies looking towards automation, especially
during COVID-19, Rohit explains that implementing natural navigation
technology has given Yantra a good starting platform to develop solutions
that are ‘pandemic compliant’. “We are deploying robots in healthcare
systems for hospitals, but even simple tasks such as distributing medicines
or food inside healthcare premises, these processes are still manual and
require human intervention.”

“During COVID-19, many companies are trying to
formulate solutions that could automate this kind of
material transport. And for the healthcare industry,
traditional navigation methodologies wouldn’t
work due to the size of the pathways. But Guidance
Automation’s technology plays a major role because
it is a plug-and-play deployment and doesn’t require
additional accessories; it can be easily implemented in
order to map the environment and start navigation.”


Since implementing this technology, Yantra has found
that the issues that had arisen from their traditional
approach were eliminated, as the navigation didn’t
rely on any external accessories, allowing the robots to
navigate freely and easily. This, in turn, reduced their
maintenance-related expenses by almost 20% due to
needing no recurring work after the initial installation.
Additionally, there was a 25% saving in manpower,
as they were able to re-deploy two members of their
workforce who were originally required to maintain the
robotic setup.

The Future

“With our deep understanding of end user processes
and working practice, we develop intelligent
technologies that deliver on these needs and facilitate
adaptation for the future. Guidance Automation looks
forward to continuing our work with Yantra” continues
Dr Paul Rivers.
Rohit Dashrathi concludes: “At Yantra, we are focused
on client process needs and the provision of solutions
that meet client goals. With Guidance Automation’s
help and expertise, we have been able to successfully
upgrade our vehicle navigation options and are
already supplying enhanced AGVs/AMRs to our clients
to meet the needs of their business operations. We
look forward to exploring what technology Guidance
Automation brings to the table going forward and
expanding our relationship.”

About Guidance Automation

An award-winning pioneer in guidance, navigation and control technologies,
Guidance Automation has over 25 years’ experience in developing advanced
solutions for the global robotic vehicle market and has thousands of systems in
Our aim is to consistently meet our clients’ needs by offering automated guided
vehicle technologies which serve the market need and improve operational
performance and efficiency.
We are proud to have enabled our clients to automate robotic vehicles, fork
lift trucks, floor cleaning equipment and all types of mobile moving systems.
These solutions have been applied in a broad range of autonomous transport
applications such as airports, warehousing, healthcare, production, bottling
plants, printing, retail, marine and more.
We are committed to the continuous advancement of innovative
and optimal vehicle automation.

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Yantra Case Study

Accelerating Autonomous Mobile Robot Development

“With Guidance Automation’s help and expertise, we have been able to successfully upgrade our vehicle navigation options and are already supplying enhanced AGVs/AMRs to our clients to meet the needs of their business operations.”

Rohit Dashrathi, CEO, Yantra LLP

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