Automation Trends Report Page 1 2022

Trends in Automation Report 2022

Undertaken by SAPIO Research during March 2022, the report looks to understand the 2022 market for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) technologies amongst companies that have a warehouse, fulfilment, production, or distribution operation – and how it has changed from the same research conducted in 2021.

The research was conducted with the UK’s leading intralogistics technology decision makers and looked at the year-on-year differences, which included the industry’s change in time and expectations of implementing AMRs; the drivers and perceived barriers to implementing AMRs; and what businesses look for in an intralogistics automation vendor.

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It is intended that the research will be conducted annually, around March every year, to monitor the adoption of AMRs and the role of automation in intralogistics. If you would like to be involved, please contact us here.

White Paper: COVID-19 Fast-Tracks Intralogistics Automation

In April 2021, Guidance Automation commissioned Sapio Research to undertake research to understand the importance of intralogistics automation, including the role of Autonomous Mobile Robot Technologies (AMRs) within companies that have a warehouse, fulfilment, production or distribution operation.

The research assessed the current level of awareness and confidence in technology, including AMRs, the need for automation and plans for adoption, as well as the impact of automation on employees.

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