Guidance Automation Solutions for your Fulfilment / eCommerce Automation

Automation can help in circumstances where you are bringing materials to and from people, to and from automation equipment, to and from racks & transporting pallets, from delivery bays to racks, from racks to process areas.

During peak periods the pressure is on for warehouse staff to manage increased demand. Putting the right technologies in place enables fulfilment houses and retailers to respond more effectively. Labour shortages mean the usual solutions of seasonal staff will not suffice. Skills shortages also have a knock-on effect and make the case for automation more compelling.

Automation acts as a driver for efficiency and accuracy, making sure products get to the right place at the right time. Automating process doesn’t necessarily mean job losses, it allows the workforce to focus on more complex tasks, whilst the robots conduct the low skilled, mundane task of moving goods between points in a process.

Our Pick-to-Light solutions enable faster operator picking and can be utilised to support order sortation, batch picking, store replenishment and cluster picking. Combined with our AMRS, we can unlock your organisation’s automation potential.

Fulfillment and eCommerce Automation improves…


  • Many workplace accidents occur due to handling, lifting or carrying. With autonomous material handling, mobile robots can take on the majority of these tasks, reducing the risk of injury for operators. 
  • Automation also supports good social distancing practices by reducing the number of operators needed in each area. This helps operators work together while safeguarding the health of the whole team.


  • Automation reduces the impact of human error on your fulfilment business, as light-directed material handling systems recognise items by their unique barcodes and signal them clearly to operators during processes such as order picking.
  • You’ll see improved process reliability as automated systems manage the repetitive tasks of picking and transporting items between stations. 
  • Product damage can be reduced through automation, as accidents such as drops and crushing are less likely.


  • By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, businesses see improved cycle times that can optimise productivity by up to 300%.
  • Automated systems also gather and deliver data on your operations, providing you with insights that drive process improvement. This streamlined approach also allows for successful Just In Time (JIT) processes, with reliable automated tools supporting each step.


  • With an automated system, process design changes are easy to implement, helping your eCommerce / fulfilment business adapt and be resilient to different situations.
  • Automation improves the organisations’ ability to react to demand changes and rapidly developing economic circumstances, creating operational continuity in challenging times.

Why choose Guidance Automation for your Fulfilment / eCommerce Automation?

At Guidance Automation we understand small to medium size business’ automation needs. With over 30 years of experience in developing autonomous robot technologies, we can enable you to optimise your material handling processes. Our experience in automation and picking solutions, means our team can interpret your needs into a customised automation solution, even down to the tops required to optimise the robot vehicles.

We can integrate our Autonomous Mobile Robots into your facility and will provide tops best suited to your needs, even if that means designing a bespoke top from scratch.

Case Studies


Guidance Automation Partners with World-Leading Tug Manufacturer, MasterMover.


Capacity’s leadership team chose to partner with light-directed picking solution provider Lightning Pick for a semi-automated order fulfillment system.


Guidance Automation partners with Yantra to implement advanced “Natural Feature” navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) Trial

If you’re an SME that could benefit from the addition of Mobile Robots within your facility, we would love to advise on how this could be implemented and what productivity gains could potentially be made.

Nothing is better than actually having a vehicle in your facility to replicate the solution and show how such vehicles could operate in your environment with your people.

We can demonstrate a solution and potentially leave it with you to see some of the benefits for yourself. Let us help you unlock the potential of automation.