Guidance Automation is keen to support SME logistics, manufacturing and distribution businesses in these challenging times.

  • Adding an AMR can reduce the amount of time operatives spend walking around the warehouse
  • They allow individuals to concentrate on added value activities such as quality checking
  • Automation can also help a business manage the current staffing shortfalls
  • A simple trial is quick to deploy & can demonstrate the efficiency gains possible with automation

If you’re an SME that could benefit from the addition of Mobile Robots within your facility, we would love to advise on how this could be implemented and what productivity gains could potentially be made.

Nothing is better than actually having a vehicle in your facility to replicate the solution and show how such vehicles could operate in your environment with your people.

We can demonstrate a solution and potentially leave it with you for a short period so you can see some of the benefits for yourself.  Let us help you unlock the potential of automation

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    Our AMR Deployment Process for Your Autonomous Mobile Robot Trial

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    Phase 1 – Assessment of your facility

    Your route to automation begins with an initial assessment of your facility by an automation expert to determine the feasibility of a trial.

    With over 30 years’ experience helping clients in manufacturing, logistics, distribution and fulfilment, we have probably worked in a facility just like yours and can quickly assess and advise on the viability of the project.

    Equally, we love new challenges and are continually developing our products to meet bespoke briefs. No matter the size or location of the project, we have experts ready to help.

    Team meeting in distribution warehouse with manual carts

    Phase 2 – Calculation of the expected efficiency gain

    We will look for automation possibilities at your facility and calculate the expected efficiency gain for the different methods of automation.

    We will propose the most appropriate method, with the least disruption. We make it easy – show us your facility and processes and we’ll give you the solution you need.

    Our AMR trial is designed to show you how simple and cost-effective automation can be.

    Phase 3 – Trial period

    We understand small to medium size businesses’ automation needs and provide expertise and support to unlock their automation potential.

    The 3 month trial will be a learning phase for personnel during which the assumptions of efficiency gains will be tested.

    We will support you every step of the way.

    Autonomous Mobile Robot in warehouse
    Business Consultation

    Presentation of trial results and costing for future implementation

    Upon completion of the trial, we will present the results and highlight what efficiencies have been made.

    We will put forward a proposal based on the results factoring in your desired outcomes and your automation ambitions, and will also suggest complementary technologies we feel may further enhance efficiencies.

    If you’d like to progress with a trial, please complete the registration form above.