At Guidance Automation, our passions are guidance, navigation and control systems for automated vehicles

Our technology can be used either to automate your own existing manual vehicles, provide navigation systems for AGVs
replace your line-following technology with ‘Vaporline’ technology using your existing AGVs


Complete Autonomous Navigation, Control & Vehicle Management Systems

With more than 25 years’ experience, we offer three navigation systems including our acclaimed ‘Beacon’ system which boasts the industry’s highest accuracy target based solution.

Our kingpiN™ vehicle controller and moNitrav™ vehicle or fleet management systems provide the complete solutions for your autonomous vehicle needs.

  • navigation systems - Laser
  • navigation systems - camera
  • Target
  • Processor

Navigation Systems

Our three navigation systems have been developed to provide the solutions best suited to the different environments in which automated vehicles operate.

Powered by Nucleus

The driving force behind our navigation and control systems is Nucleus – the navigational heart of the system designed and developed by our team of engineers to power all Guidance Automation solutions.

Navigation Options

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