Guidance, Navigation & Control Solutions

Guidance Automation’s tried and tested GNC solutions provide a proven platform for your Autonomous Mobile Robot development.

Dynamic Scheduling and Traffic Management moNitrav™

moNitrav™ is a scalable traffic management system for material handling applications. Comprising dynamic task scheduling, route generation and real time data analysis, moNitrav™ manages the movement of autonomous vehicles around the work environment to ensure optimal process throughput and effective use of resources.

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Generic AMR Controller kingpiN™

A versatile, industry proven controller specifically designed for robotic / autonomous vehicle control applications. Supports all vehicle drive configurations and forms the central component of a scalable Guidance Navigation, and Control solution.

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Navigation Solutions Beacon

+/- 4mm Accurate Laser Scanner and Navigation Module. The highest accuracy target-based solution for large areas based on a rotating laser beam which detects reflective targets to determine its position.

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Natural Feature Navigation. A Unique AGV laser scanning navigation system that adapts to its working environment by taking its navigational bearings directly from the fixed structures making Scene one of the least intrusive and most versatile navigational system available today.

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