Navigation by virtual lines and tags

The traditional line following AGV is a robot which follows a pre-defined path controlled by a feedback mechanism. The path can be visible, like a coloured line on the floor, or a magnetic material or wire buried in the floor.

These systems have significant drawbacks as a physical line needs to be applied either to the surface of the floor (which is unsightly and subject to damage when other vehicles cross them) or buried in the floor which is expensive and less flexible if the path has to be changed.

At Guidance Automation we have developed a unique solution, VaporliNe, which requires no physical lines to be applied to the floor of your facility.


Guidance Automation’s VaporliNe solution

Our technology allows you to simply exchange your Line Detector with our Scene VaporliNe Navigator, thus eliminating the need for physical lines.The guide lines are now displayed on a computer screen and so can easily be moved around as needed. Having virtual lines, of course, eliminates any possibility of damage caused by equipment crossing them.

With VaporliNe, amending paths is not only quick and easy, but also low cost.

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