Laser/Vison-based Natural Feature Navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Laser/Vison-based Natural Feature Navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robots

SCENE – Natural Feature Navigation

SCENE: An intelligent, laser-based Natural Feature navigation system. This means no wires, tapes or navigation marks.

Capable of navigating by reference to existing features within the working environment.

Advanced 2D/3D Laser contour scanning and mapping algorithms combine to generate a navigation map from the available features within the working environment. These mapped features are used to determine vehicle position during vehicle operation.

Options for indoor and outdoor operation are available. Wide range of laser types supported, e.g. safety scanners, hi fidelity 360 scanners.

Deployment in minutes, easy to adapt to changing demands, infrastructure and processes.

Laser/Vison-based Natural Feature Navigation for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Built by Experts

25 + years ago we pioneered laser guided vehicle technology. The key to our success was our in-house developed BEACON Laser navigator family. 25+ years later it is still the most accurate laser navigator available. At Guidance Automation laser and navigation technology is in our DNA.Our pioneering spirit continues and 5 years ago we fulfilled our client requirements and delivered one of the first Natural Feature Navigation solutions for indoor and outdoor applications – SCENE.

Typical Uses

  • Indoor development focused on hospital, warehouse, clean room, electronic product manufacture, automotive production, airport baggage handling and pharmaceutical production environments
  • Outdoor development originally focused on hi-fidelity long range outdoor laser scanners for safe positioning of supply ships servicing oil rigs. Now adapted for a range of outdoor logistics operations.

Simple Set-up Process 

Making use of the latest 2D/3D safety laser scanners, SCENE accurately maps out the working zone.

Guidance Adopt SCENE is a unique map generating software developed by Guidance Automation. It is used during the set-up process to generate precise reference maps of the facility.The sophisticated localisation and mapping algorithms within SCENE are then used to guide the AGVs as they carry out their tasks autonomously.

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