Enhancing Productivity and Uptime with Autonomous Mobile Robots

“No other AGV or AMR provider offered us the same uptime and productivity.”

Wojciech Tymczak, Corporate Automation Engineer, Mauser

Client: Mauser Packaging Solutions
Industry: Packaging
Application: Material Transportation
Solution: OTTO 1500 AMR

Mauser Packaging Solutions (Mauser) a prominent global packaging leader with a vast network of facilities worldwide, faced challenges with their existing automated guided vehicle (AGV) system. The system fell short in meeting their requirements for uninterrupted production and round-the-clock operations. Seeking a solution that would deliver superior uptime and efficiency, Mauser turned to autonomous material handling technology. Their choice? The OTTO 1500, an exceptional autonomous mobile robot (AMR) known for its unparalleled productivity.

Implementing the Solution

Mauser strategically deployed two OTTO 1500 AMRs at their Langley, BC and Oakville, ON facilities. These robots seamlessly collaborated with Mauser’s operators, ensuring a safe and efficient movement of plastic rigid containers from the conveyor to the stretch-wrapper. By leveraging the OTTO AMRs, Mauser achieved their goal of maintaining a 24/7 operation with optimised productivity.

Remarkable Results

Working in tandem with OTTO, Mauser experienced impressive outcomes that surpassed their expectations:

Langley facility:

  • Reallocated three laborers to more value-added roles, boosting overall productivity
  • Eliminated the need for two additional forklifts, streamlining operations
  • Significantly enhanced safety by reducing manual forklift traffic

Oakville facility:

  • Achieved a remarkable increase in uptime and 600% higher throughput
  • Leveraged the OTTO AMR’s advanced capabilities to achieve optimal operational efficiency

Digging into the Figures

Comparatively, the previous AGV system completed a mere 3-4 missions before requiring a 25–30-minute charging period to sustain further operations. In contrast, a single OTTO AMR can accomplish up to 36 missions before heading to the charging station at approximately 70% battery capacity. The AGV system, on the other hand, faced a significant drop in performance after just 3-4 tasks when the battery level reached 15%. Consequently, the exceptional 600% throughput improvement represents the total number of missions completed by OTTO before requiring a recharge during regular operations, highlighting its superiority over the AGV system. It is important to note that these impressive results are based on OTTO’s regular operational time rather than its maximum 13-hour runtime.

In summary, by partnering with OTTO and integrating their innovative AMR technology into their operations, Mauser Packaging Solutions witnessed a substantial boost in productivity, efficiency, and uptime across their Langley and Oakville facilities.

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