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Managed Support

We continuously research technologies, monitor market trends and listen to our clients in order to ensure we deliver effective state of the art solutions backed by the appropriate engineering and support services. This is why Nucleus solutions are backed by a comprehensive eco system that helps you achieve your autonomy goals in a timely manner. As a business, we’re constantly listening to the market to ensure our emphasis is always on constantly delivering the smartest solutions and service support that customers really need.

That’s why all Nucleus solutions are backed up with a first class support structure.

1. Adopt: All of the support and software that you require to plan and commission a Nucleus solution
2. Advance: Full training on installation and performance optimisation for the whole of the Nucleus family
3. Assist: A comprehensive service and support agreement for customers
4. Analyse: A suite of tools to assist you in the initial project evaluation and design phase of your project, with optional performance monitoring tools to validate and monitor performance through project lifestyle

Nucleus Managed Support includes our Adopt Software, a part of the overall Adopt support. This produces the environmental intelligence required for efficient operation through methods and algorithms that analyse available sense data, preforming correlation techniques and automatically generating a precise “real world ” view, for effective millimetre accurate localisation. Our Adopt software is available for use across Beacon, Scene and Surface solutions.

Vehicle Route and Scheduling Software

To compliment Guidance Nucleus solutions and as a part of the ‘Adopt’ Managed Support offering, we are able to provide our clients with an intelligent, scalable traffic flow management and route planning software application. This helps facilitate co-operative vehicle flow in accordance with a required operation and traffic conditions, ensuring maximum efficiency for each clients’ operation.

The key components include;
• Ability to define & manage vehicle routes and schedules
• Schedule implementation simulations to visualize and validate schemes prior to deployment
• Taking order references (from WMS) and converting to optimised route for required location access
• Intelligent algorithms to optimise co-operative vehicle routing based on traffic situations
• Open interface to WMS/Third party software
• Route optimisation
• Multi vehicle negotiation and collision avoidance

Support can be tailored to an individual customer requirement. Please contact us using the enquiry form on the Contact Us page for more information.


  • We were delighted to be exhibiting and the 2017 Robotics and Automation Exhibition!... 16/Oct/2017
  • Guidance Automation will be exhibiting at India Warehousing Show from 27th – 29th July 2017.... 10/May/2017