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Our Technology


Industries highest accuracy target based solution.

Infrastructure free, natural feature solution.

Utilising floor-based mapping with camera-based technology.

Vehicle Controller

A versatile, compact and robust controller for all vehicles.

Route Management

A suite of scheduling software which provides control and movement of your fleet.

Our Expertise

Electric vehicle manufacturers have vast experience and knowledge for producing solutions along the lines of Tuggers, Forklift Trucks, Pallet Movers and Cleaning Machines, into the markets that make huge use of them. You have perfected your design and trained the operator to make the best use of its features.

By taking your vehicle with its current manual controls, we combine our technologies and expertise to add a full compliment of sensors and electronics to allow your vehicle to safely operate without a human in the loop. We provide you with the documentation that you need to manufacture more of these Guided Vehicles yourself (AGV’s) and all of the training required.

The end result is your AGV working with humans in Logistics and Warehouse applications, hospitals and healthcare, entertainment, manufacturing and a whole host of others where your products were previously used. With improved cost of ownership and efficiency for your customers, your cost of development is small, but the potential is great.


  • We were delighted to be exhibiting and the 2017 Robotics and Automation Exhibition!... 16/Oct/2017
  • Guidance Automation will be exhibiting at India Warehousing Show from 27th – 29th July 2017.... 10/May/2017