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Beacon Navigation

A high accuracy navigation solution typically used in wide area warehousing or automotive applications with lasers mounted high up on vehicles, Beacon is based on a rotating, slightly fanned, laser beam which identifies reflective targets in a full 360 degree area.

By measuring the distance to these reflective targets and the leading edge angle of the target, it is possible to achieve very precise knowledge of a vehicle location at any time during a given process or ‘journey’.

Set-up configuration is fast and simple. To start, reflective targets are placed in the operating environment with reference to existing CAD drawings. Guidance Adopt Beacon software is then used to survey work areas, outlining where best to place reflective targets in your CAD drawing, forming a constellation.


  • We were delighted to be exhibiting and the 2017 Robotics and Automation Exhibition!... 16/Oct/2017
  • Guidance Automation will be exhibiting at India Warehousing Show from 27th – 29th July 2017.... 10/May/2017