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Scene Navigation

A natural environment guidance for vehicles using distance and angle data, Scene is based on the use of 2D safety laser scanners, general laser scanners and/or single and stereo camera vision systems. This solution is sometimes called natural feature navigation or contour navigation.

Guidance Adopt Scene software is used during the set-up process along with laser or cameras to survey working areas and generate precise reference maps which link to your CAD drawings. The sophisticated localisation and mapping algorithms within Nucleus are then used during operation to guide vehicles. Scene solutions remove the need for infrastructure change and offer easy expansion to meet peaks in demand whilst delivering ultimate agility for rapid route scheduling and rescheduling.

The local fixed structure environment around us tends not to be subject to major change on a day to day basis. A few things might move, but much of the fixed infrastructure remains the same. Our Scene solutions are designed to help maximise the efficient operation within ‘fixed’ working environments and manage transient changes such as inadvertent placement of moveable objects such as boxes, chairs, pallets, people, other vehicles.

Using 2D safety rated laser scanners and our Scene solutions, it is now possible to ‘see’ the natural features within a working environment with minimal additional cost using Nucleus.


  • We were delighted to be exhibiting and the 2017 Robotics and Automation Exhibition!... 16/Oct/2017
  • Guidance Automation will be exhibiting at India Warehousing Show from 27th – 29th July 2017.... 10/May/2017